I've got a secret. I'm a habitual procrastinator. Biggest problem, I justify my habit with legitmate things that need to be done. The laundry is piling up, my living room is a mess, grandbaby wants to play. My family has decided to stop enabling me. My son cleaned the livng room, my daughter and her boyfriend took the baby shopping with them, and hubby did the laundry. Guess what I came up with next. I just want to wash my hair, then I'll get started.

That's when it hit me. What am I afraid of? So what if I sit at my desk and stare blankly at the screen? Turn out three pages of crap? No big deal. Realize I really hate my characters? No problem. But it is a problem. I make it a problem. I also have a bad habit of setting myself up for a bad writing day before my fingers hit the keyboard. But I sit down anyway, take a deep breath and write. Something wonderful happens. I don't have a bad writing day. I have a really good one. Sure, the chapter doesn't sparkle like I want, but I realize I can fix it.

And I turn out three pages of pretty good material. And my day has been saved. Now on to the next task. I really do have to wash my hair.


LOL!!! I hear ya! My biggest thing is the internet. It's always, "just one more check" to see if something vital has popped up for me to read. SIGH.

I know it's not because we don't like to write, so I'm at a loss to explain it.

Ah Marie, the internet has gotten me before too. And you're right, it's not because we don't like to write. Maybe it's the fear of failure, or maybe it's the fear of success.

I, too procrastinate - games, usually. Flowerz. Or Plants vs. Zombies, my new fave. As long as I have my writing music on, I can play a game and let my mind wander the problem in the scene that I don't want to tackle. And sometimes that does open the door for me.

I think, in order to be a writer, you have to have the procrastination gene...

Facebook. Enough said.

I think we are twins seperated at birth! I am a terrible procrastinator. Recently I was in a slump. Couldn't write anything I was happy with. So I swept the steps to the basement. Then I cleaned out my drawers and my closet. Holy cow, I haven't done either in years. So why was it necessary right now, while I'm under deadline? Not sure. Luckily, once I get myself out of my brief block, I am totally focused and productive...until the next time.

Ah, D'Ann. You are soooo right.

Maybe you just work better under pressure.

Sometimes I play on twitter. Other times I'll organize the junk drawer in the kitchen to procrastinate. :)

This sounds very elementary but I keep on task with two simple rules. 1. I create daily to-do lists of things I must get done, and things I would like to finish, and 2. I write at the same time every day. Simple, but for me, effective. Great blog by the way.


Rebecca, haven't done twitter because I know it will create another excuse for me not to write. As for the junk drawer; that's more intimidating than facing a blank screen.

I tried that and it worked out pretty well, but I left myself get off schedule for two days and the rest is history. I think you may have the key. Maybe I'll go back to "writing office hours."

I'm a procrastinator myself. But I procrastinate not on writing, but on everything else. So I have piles of laundry and a messy living room because I'm so busy writing. Every time I look at the laundry, I think, let me finish this scene. Oh, I need structure.

I would love to have that problem.

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