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GMC. Goal, motivation, and conflict. Not just ingredients for a good story, this is the story of my writing career. (Okay, so it's not a career---yet.)

My goal may sound a little self indulgent. I hear people say, quite often, "I write for me." Well, I'm about to be politically incorrect. I don't. I write for everyone. I want to write a fast paced story that a reader can't put down. They keep me on their bookshelves and revisit the characters often. The story doesn't have to be on the best sellers list, although that would be nice, I just want relatable characters, with a story to tell. Then I want to quit my job and write full time. Ha!

Besides wanting to quit my job and write full time? Being a published author has always been my dream. To put a story out there and have others enjoy it as much as I do, is my greatest wish. I know there will be those out there who hate my work, but for right now, can I have five minutes in La-La Land?

Conflict One:
I have characters that nag the hell out of me. This presents me with a dilemma. I'm one of those people who can write only one story at a time. Not all of my hen-pecking characters belong in the same story, and I have to figure out who fits and who doesn't. I have spent countless hours trying to fit characters in where they are not welcome, just to find out they're in the wrong story.

Conflict two:
Sure, I want to love the story, hero, and heroine. I want them to ride off together in the sunset. Then there are times when I just want to slap the crap out of both off them, close my laptop and never look at their story again. But, they always come back to haunt me. "Give us another chance," they whisper. "We'll cooperate." Then I give in. Two maybe three pages later, with a big "tee hee -hee," they stop talking again. It's a vicious cycle.

Blog Question:
What's the GMC in your writing career? I'd love to hear from you.


Hey, Shawn.
MY GMC is pretty much the same as yours.

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