Have you ever bought a romance without looking at the blurb on the back? It had a beautiful cover and your favorite author wrote it so you didn't bother looking at the back before you went to the register and happily gave the cashier your money.

So now snuggling into your favorite reading chair, beverage and snacks at your elbow, you open the cover and start to read. And almost choke on your Coke. The hero's name is Elmer and the heroine is Beulah. What do you do? Do you keep reading, or do you put the book down?

As I pointed out in a previous post, I'm a little twisted. I'd keep reading because the characters had such unattractive names. I'd want to know what love between Elmer and Beulah looks like. I've read the stories of the exotic people (some had names I couldn't pronounce) so the change might be refreshing. Romance has changed over the years. The heroes and heroines are not always outrageously beautiful or have rocking hot bodies. Why not have out of the norm names?

I may be dating myself here but does anybody remember the movie 'She Devil' starring Roseanne Barr and Meryl Streep? Meryl Streep played a romance author whose writing became a little weird after she and her lover stopped getting along. Her agent told her that her latest book wasn't good and one of the reasons was because the hero was named Bob.

Would that really bother anybody? What if the story was awesome?

Blog question: Would you read Elmer and Beulah's story?


LOL. Well, I hate unpronounceable names, and Charlaine Harris got away with a vampire named Bill. But Elmer and Beulah...I'm not sure. Unless it's a comedy or satire. THEN maybe I could get into kissing Elmer. But Elmer better have some smokin' hot assets!

I forgot all about Bill! And I call myself a True Blood fan.

Elmer I have to giggle a little bit. But I would probably give it a chance. Heck I just read my Zombie Valentine.

I've been reading about zombie romances and I'm considering taking a peek at one. As long a there are no rotting corpses during the love scenes.

Hey Shawn!! I like odd names, even if by 'odd' it's just old-fashioned (a little bit). But, Elmer? I dunno... right now all I can picture is Mr. Fudd trying to undo the heroine's bra, calling her a 'wass-kally wabbit'....

LMAO! Kristi you are hilarious.

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